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HR Value Pyramid

If an extra layer of liability reduction, along with access to some group buying power might be appropriate for your company, we also offer services delivered via a “co-employment” model.  (Typically called Professional Employer Organization or PEO services.)  This is strictly optional, as it’s not always the best solution for all businesses.

Clients of Acme HR receive long-term, retained HR Services to support their ongoing and often changing business objectives. Creating a culture and environment where employees thrive in their contributions to your company doesn’t happen overnight.  That’s why we’re in it with you for the long haul.

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HR Focused Business Assessment:

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Learn and Understand the P&L-to-HR

business connections

Identify and explore Strategic and/or Tactical HR areas that may need fixing, and/or have room for improvement

Document your Company's

Existing HR and Employment Profile

(This is not an HR "audit"!  It's a simple way to establish a 'status quo' HR starting point.)

Review your "Status Quo"

HR Report Card / Dashboard

Confirm Desired Objectives


a suggested

HR Business Solution Plan


the Plan

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